Tuesday, April 5, 2016

Mad Monday

No madness really, just an attempt at grabbing your attention. Monday was a long and active day, but I don't mind that. I have three day and one night class on Mondays, so that alone makes for a pretty full day. Being that the Chicot Challenge in rushing towards me like a speeding train, I felt the need to get into some water. Also being registration week, we are supposed to be in our offices all day, but since I have a night class, I was allowed to leave for a little while. Five guesses where I went. Wow, what a shot; you got it on the first try.

Yeah, I went to the catfish pond as quickly as I could. The water temperature was 68 when I waded in and 69 when I crawled out an hour and thirty-nine minutes later. For me, that is the perfect water for wet suit swimming, and I loved every second of it. I felt good and smooth and for the first time in the pond this year I got into my rhythm and roll open water swim stroke. That is one reason an open water swimmer needs to do more than train in a pool. Don't get me wrong, pool training is indispensable. It is in the pool that basic techniques are mastered. It is in the pool that basic fitness is earned. It is in the pool that speed is built. But to transfer those techniques and fitness and speed to open water requires wild swimming, as the Brits call it. Why? you ask. Because the chop is open water, however slight, causes me at least, to shorten my stroke, increase my tempo, and swim like a sprinter instead of a distance athlete. It takes some open water work to relax in a chop and lengthen the stroke and find the rhythm. I found the rhythm yesterday. It felt good.

After the swim, I rushed home to bathe and get back to work. Then when class was over I went home to change clothes and go out for a run. I did a wimpy 3.53 miles and called it a day. Monday was a long one. Monday was a good one. And Twin Rivers is pumped up. The real training is about to begin.