Friday, April 1, 2016

Cagri Is a Real Sneak

What a week.

I continue to be Sisyphus, driven to achieve the impossible, but doomed to failure. Or so it seems.

I wrote already about Tuesday's disastrous practice that left me exhausted after only 3,100 meters and what little confidence I had was shattered and stomped into the mud of my pessimism and despair. But what I didn't tell you was a little chat I had with Cagri Tuesday night. Since Thursday is Duke Morgan's (one our Masters swimmers) 73rd birthday, they both invited me to swim 7,300 meters in honor of the Duke.

"I don't have time for 7,300," I protested, still reeling from the return of all the practice squads which make getting early into the pool an impossibility. "I swim about 3,000 meters per hour, so the most I could do is 6,000."

"Well do it if that meets your training goals," was Cagri's response. A plan was born. Since my longest straight swim this year is 1:48, a 2:00 effort would put some endurance back into my swimming muscles and some positivity back into my brain.

I wanted to swim Wednesday, but after work and prep for my night class, I opted for a more time efficient run. After Tuesday I wan't even sure I could swim two hours straight, but the idea that I could make the attempt with the blessing of the coach was a real boost to my energy.

Then came Thursday. Then came the weather reports. Then came a text from Cagri about checking with DSU to see if the pool would be open. Then came a text that the pool was closing and practice was cancelled. Then came despair.

I didn't stew in my self pity too long before I asked myself, "What can I do?" The answer was to go to the pond and get some swimming in before the new storms hit. While I was packing the truck to go the the fish farm, Cagri texted again that his earlier message was an April Fool's joke. Dude, I like jokes, but that one almost put me over the edge.

To make a short story long, I made it into the water at 6:22 and swam until 8:33. I was a little disappointed in my pace, only getting 6,400. But that is my longest of the year both in terms of time and distance. I got a good workout and exited the pool with the calmness of soul I have walked without for much of this year. I have a little hope again. I can still do this.