Monday, April 11, 2016

4/4 - 4/10

I missed several intended postings last week. In one way that is a good thing because it means I was busy, busy swimming and running. Overall it was a pretty good training week, one that helped me relax a whole lot. I posted about Monday, Tuesday, and Wednesday. Thursday I hit Twin Rivers for my second outdoor pool swim of the year. I didn't take a reading, but the water felt no warmer, maybe even a bit cooler. I was, however, able to swim 3,300 without anything going numb. Besides the swim, I ran and did a small amount of bike riding.

Friday I went to the pond and swam 5.05 miles in 2:26:24 for an average pace of 28:58. That was wet suit aided. I never skin swim that quick. The water temp had fallen from Monday to 65. Saturday I ran, and lifted weights. The bench work was

18 X 100
10 X 120
4 X 140
4 X 145
4 X 145
4 X 145
4 X 145
5 X 140
6 X 135

Sunday, I went out Wade Road on my mountain bike and alternated between riding and running while pushing the bike. I did a total of 6.15 on the bike and 2.1 on foot. For the week, I

swam 22,295 meters,
walked 5.29 miles,
ran 30.69 miles,
mountain biked 12.69 miles,
pedaled 23:00 on the bike trainer, and 
lifted weights two times.