Wednesday, April 13, 2016

Tough Tuesday

I busted out some major training Tuesday. It started with a 1.13 miles walk. That might sound like nothing, but walking is really good for two-beat kick conditioning. A bit after that, I ran 7.6 miles with some real speed work embedded into those miles. When I finished the running, I took some nutrition and began to pack up for a trip to the catfish pond. 

The goal was to get into the water by 3:00 pm. I was swimming by 3:15. Thankfully the days are long now and with no night class, I could stay a while without having to count the minutes. Although this time of year presents some problems in terms of outdoor pool swimming, the ponds are at that magical moment for swimming in a wet suit. My reading showed 67 at the end of my swim, and the pond had a range of maybe four degrees or more. Some streaks were a bit uncomfortably cold even in my suit. But overall, it felt great. I swam easy and just tried to be smooth and steady. 

Since I had swum 5.05 miles last Friday in 2:24, I hoped to top that by a little. I did a straight swim not stopping even for nutrition or water. I wondered how it would go after my run and limited calories after that. But I felt good and swam for 2:40 getting in 5.35 miles before I climbed out to go home. I felt refreshed in body, mind, and soul. The sun was sinking in the west bouncing beautiful light off the water. In the adjoining pond, some ducks swam around like they had no cares at all. I guess they don't. I thought, how is it that I am the only one around here who does this? This is the best swimming and the atmosphere is amazing. I pay no membership dues, have no parking problems, and never wait on a lane to swim in. I have 6,000 acres of ponds to chose from and miles and miles of lonely levees and gravel roads to run and walk. Why am I the only one? Randy Beets used to do this with me, but alas he has moved to North Carolina leaving it all to me.