Wednesday, April 20, 2016

Boom! Bang!

I had myself a day Tuesday, but let me start with Monday. For the first work day of the week I went to the pool after work. Although the water was 72 F, with no sunshine it was a bit cool. I did get in a nice practice with

3 X 400
8 X 150 with small paddles @ 3:14 
total: 4,700.

After night class, I ran 2.53 miles.

Tuesday we held our MDCC Greenwood Campus 5K. We had a total of 16 participants but only two runners. That meant I would either be the champion again or the runner up. I won. Hot dog. It feels good because this is the only time I ever get a chance to be the overall winner. At first, we were told we couldn't even do the 5K because the school could not afford it. Eventually, thanks to Katy Jones, they reneged and let us put it on ourselves with no help from main campus. Who needs them anyway. We had a good time and I ran pretty well. Last year I averaged an 8:30 pace. This year I ran

1st mile = 8:08
2nd mile = 8:07
3rd mile = 8:06

Dude, that is perfect pacing and a big improvement over last year. I worked hard and long for that 22+ second per mile break through. Now I want to go under 8:00 for all the miles. Next year.

After Katy finished, my competition for the day, we ran the course again, this time gently averaging almost 11:00. I then ran back to campus for a total of 7.1 miles. What time was it then? You got it. I went home to get my swim stuff and headed for the pool.

The water temp had dropped about 1/4 a degree. I put on my rash guard since there was no sunshine to help me out. I got a good one:

5 X 500 coundown set @ 11:00
6 X 100 small paddles @ 2:15
total - 5,400

That was a big day. I went to bed before 10:00 pm and slept like Rip Van Winkle.