Wednesday, April 27, 2016

More Bricks

I wrote about Monday already. I swam 6,800 and ran 6.53 miles. On the running front, I am attempting to get in good volume this week while simultaneously tapering for a race Saturday. That can be a little tricky, especially when your legs are having to compete with your arms for protein synthesis and repair.

Tuesday I went back to the pool. While I started warming up, I was thinking through what I might swim. But then I began to feel some slight niggles in my right shoulder. Consequently, I decided against any hard swimming for the day and just kept going at an easy pace. I swam for 2:31 but only totaled 7,200 meters (2:05 pace). It was a good workout, however, and boosted my volume for the week. Two days into this training cycle, and I sit at 14,000 meters.

I went home, mowed the back yard, watered the flowers, and took some nutrition. Then it was out the door for more. I shuffled 5.53 miles. So I sit at 12.06 miles of running to go with my 14,000 meters of swimming. Dude, something should be happening in my body. 

One thing that is happening is weight. I am finally shedding a little adipose tissue, not huge amounts, but I am down a few pounds. This will certainly help my running a lot, my swimming a little, and definitely improve the appearance of my post swim pictures. I've been a bit embarrassed by them the last couple of years. Also, my health is an issue and it is one of the reasons I do all this. I need to live under 160 pounds. Last year, I was under 160 exactly one day of the entire 365. This morning, I weighed 162. I might get under this week. Monday mornings I am at my heaviest so even if I get under, I will be over come Monday. The goal is to get under 160 for one day, then two days, then everyday of the week.