Monday, April 3, 2017

3/27 - 4/2

The Lord gave me another good training cycle. Monday, I took the dogs to the pond and did my longest swim of the year, 5.03 miles in 2:47:23 at a 33:18 pace.

Tuesday I went the DSU for 4,100 meters which included some middle distance quality (800 with some push).

Wednesday I was back with the dogs at D 10 for 3.3 miles. The pace was quick (for me - 29:41) even though the water was choppy. I am getting used to swimming chop.

Thursday it was back to DSU for 4,500 meters and some pretty tough sets. I did 11 X 200 and some other stuff.

Friday is big pond day from now 'till Chicot VI. I swam 5.19 miles, now my longest of the year, in a 29:18 pace. The water was flat, the dogs were happy, and I felt free, smooth, and strong in the water.

Saturday, I lifted at Plate City Gym. On the bench press, I pushed

28 X 75
8 X 105
7 X 125
6 X 140
6 X 140
6 X 140 

From now until Chicot, I am reducing to one big lift day per week and I'm simply trying to maintain the strength I have now on the bench and Swim Pull.

On the Swim Pull, I did

15 X 21.5 + 3 washers
20 X 21.5 + 3
25 X 23 + 3
26 X 24.5 + 3
10 X 26 + 3
10 X 27 + 3
12 X 27 + 3

For the week, I swam 30,352 meters. That was my first 30,000 meter week. Although not the earliest I have hit the big 30, this year's weeks have been consistently higher than my last build up for the big swim. Last year this week, I hit a little over 16,000. I pulled that number out of my memory from looking at my old training diary last week. Since I don't have last year's with me now, I don't know exactly how far ahead I am, but I think it is a bit over 40,000 meters. 

Thank you, Jesus.