Thursday, April 27, 2017

Dogs and Pond

Wednesday the dogs and I went to D 10. I ran the snot out of Pee Wee, and although Bear enjoyed watching, he wanted out after gazing at his buddy for a bit so he did some running of his own.

Even though the water temp was 73 Tuesday and the sun shone most of the day and we hit 80 Wednesday, as soon as I waded in I noticed the difference. The temps had fallen some more. When the wind blows straight out of the south, the temps fall in these ponds that are oriented east/west. My guess is they are even lower today.

The wind was once more howling like a storm was coming. That's because a storm was coming. I only swam one length of the northern side and then spent the rest of my time going up and down the southern side of the pond where there was calmer but not calm water. Bear made the first lap, as he always does and Pee Wee made them all.

I enjoyed the swim but tapped out after about two hours because the clouds were building and the sky looked threatening. I got 3.38 miles in 1:57:44 @ 34:44. After exiting the water, I did a set of 58 X 10 dumbbell  curls, 13 X 10 triceps kick backs, and 13 X 10 lateral raises.