Wednesday, April 12, 2017

A Day without the Dogs

Tuesday, I made it to the pond but I was all alone except for God, the angels, and birds. Birds are everywhere on the fish farm. I missed the dogs as soon as I drove up. Bear will not be out here for a week or two and that itself will present some issues. How will he feel/react when I take with Pee Wee and leave him at home? Oh well, I can't bridge that cross until I get there.

Unlike so often of late when I get to the farm, I had good weather (cloudy and a tad cool but no real threat of rain and no wind to speak of) and plenty of time. I was taping my nose at 2:00 o'clock. I started swimming at about 2:15.

Surprisingly, the water was 70 degrees where I wade in. I expected a little warmer, but it was nice, actually perfect, refreshing. I started swimming easily. One lap and then two. This year I have not swum over three straight without taking a break to drink and to feed. I swam three and then decided to go for four straight. On the fourth lap I saw something red at the edge of the water. I got closer and held my head up a little longer when I took a breath on that side. It was a red-winged blackbird. She was in the water at the pond's edge, then hopped out onto the bank and flew away. I always experience beauty and edification at the fish farm.

After four laps, I decided to go for five. Since the water was as flat as glass, the pond was extra pretty, and I was able to get into my all-day rhythm. At the end of five I kept stroking. My goal was to swim a little over the 5.19 that was my longest of the year which I did two weeks ago. After six, I knew I only had one lap and maybe a little more to go. When I rounded the western corner of the pond, my watched buzzed, and I stopped long enough to see if it had lost the signal or if that was indeed five miles. It was five miles and I had almost half a lap to go to get back to the truck. Swimming straight in would give my what I wanted for the day.

At the thermometer (my starting and stopping place), I checked my watch and it registered 3.36 miles in 2:48 at a pace of 31:32 per mile. I climbed out, but the dogs were not there to greet me as they usually are. After getting out, I did a set of dumbbell curls with the ten pounders I carry in the back of the truck. I did 52 reps and it was then time to go home. Praise God for a nice swim and an abundance of beauty.