Thursday, April 13, 2017

Wednesday's Stuff

Wednesday was another lost day of swimming. But I had things that needed to be done last month. I promise, every year I start earlier and get later on logistical needs for the swim. One thing I had to do was the finalization of the T-shirt design. I went to see Barry Brewer after school, and we finished up the shirt. It took maybe an hour. Then I went home and started working on a flyer. I spent a lot of time getting nothing done, but I finally got a flyer made. After that, I sent out an email that needed to go out three weeks ago. There is a lot involved in putting on the Chicot Challenge. Sometimes I wish I could just train and swim, but things are not like that. By then it was too late to go to the pond because I stay with Mom on Wednesday. I did, however, have time to lift weights, and since I was so week Monday and since it would give me time to hang out with Bear, I thought a good lift would help recapture some of my waning strength.

On the bench, I did

31 X 76
15 X 105
10 X 125
8 X 130

Incline dumbbell
10 X 30

Swim Pull
25 X 23 + 3
26 X 24 + 3
27 X 24.5 + 3
10 X 24.5 + 3
10 X 24.5 + 3

I did some other stuff too. The plan now is to get back to the pond for the next two days. We have now entered the critical period of the buildup. Chicot is about six weeks away. Every stroke counts. Help me Lord to stay healthy, to stay motivated, and the to stay faithful to you.