Monday, April 24, 2017

4/17 - 4/23

Some week, heavy and light at the same time. I only swam three times for a little under 20,000 meters, but I had one long swim and one monster weight session. It went like this.

Monday I attended to errands and business. Tuesday, I did the MDCC Greenwood Center 5K, but I was reduced to walking not running. After that, I went to DSU and swam 4,400 meters at Masters.

Wednesday I went to the pond and swam only 2.36 miles. I had one of those days when I didn't feel like training and couldn't make myself do it. Thursday, I went home and stayed in bed, napping, and getting my stuff together for Friday.

Friday was my big swim day and I hit 7.08 miles which is getting up there where I need to be. Saturday, I spent time with the cats, drank lots of coffee, and lifted weights. On the bench,  I pushed

36 X 76
18 X 105
9 X 125
6 X 135
4 X 140
4 X 140 

On the swim pull, I did

35 X 24.5 + 3
40 X 24.5 + 3
41 X 24.5 + 3
42 X 24.5 + 3
10 X 26 + 3
10 X 26 + 3

For the first time I did some triceps push downs. I have come to the conclusion that my pressing is not adequately working those muscles. The benches help the pecs. The swim pull help the lats. Curls have helped bring my biceps to a whole new level. The tris are lagging behind and are one muscle I really feel during and after a long swim. So now I am adding some isolation work for them.

For the week, I 

walked four miles,
swam 19,573 meters, and 
lifted weights only once.

Barry finished the T-shirts Friday and the sales are going pretty well. That you, Jesus.