Wednesday, April 26, 2017

Dogless Pond Trip

I feel guilty going to the pond without the dogs. I didn't do anything Monday. Tuesdays I am on the Moorhead campus so for the second time this year, to save time I left there and went straight to my lovely D 10. One of my nights with Mom was swapped this week to Tuesday. That meant that although the days are now long, my time was relatively short. I had to get back to town and get to Mom's.

The wind was whipping things up pretty good and some earlier news was doing the same thing to my thoughts. I received a phone call at the tail end of my 8:00 o'clock class. A glance at my cell phone showed a Lake Village, Arkansas listing so I answered immediately. A woman from the Lake Chicot State Park Marina had some bad news for me. Since I wrote about that yesterday, I'll save the keystrokes.

My thermometer read 73 on the warm side when I waded in. The weekend's cold snap had brought the temps down a lot. I wore my shorty and began to stroke and think. I swam three plus and took a break to check my phone and see if an answer had arrived. A lot of people were sharing my Facebook post which was a simple prayer for help in replacing the lost boat.

After my break, I swam another one plus and finished for the day with 3.59 miles (5,776 meters) in 1:53 @ 31:33 per mile. I then grabbed my dumbbells and hit a 57 rep set of curls, a 12 rep set of lateral raised, and a 12 rep set of triceps kickbacks. I rode home in silence. Pee Wee barks all the way to and from the pond. I missed him but not his yapping.

At Mom's I checked my phone to find that Wesley McGaugh texted me and asked me to call him. He had us a boat. Praise God. Thank you Wesley. And thank you Kenny Wilson. God is good. God is good all the time.