Saturday, April 22, 2017

Friday Big One

Despite my sinking spell this past week, the dogs and I went to the pond Friday and had a big time and a long swim. Finally, I am getting into the kind of distance it takes to swim all day.

Pee Wee taking a drink after his run to the pond.

We left the house about 10:00 a.m. but I still didn't get into the water until about 11:15. I can't figure that one out myself. It takes time to throw out my thermometer, tape my nose, and pee on the levee. And then there is the radio. I have to listen to the radio and watch the waves for a while before getting in.

Between the waterfowl and the flowers,
I always get blessed with beauty.

The water was a nice 78 but a bit choppy with 11 to 14 mph winds. I felt rested after staying home Thursday night and going to bed early. My thinking at the time was the one long swim, at this point in my Chicot buildup, was better than two mediocre ones. I think I made the right decision. I felt good from the start. My energy was adequate, my shoulders felt solid, and my muscles were ready to work. I started with a four lap set before getting out and taking nutrition. That gave me 3.01 miles. My pace was pretty slow, but I didn't really care much. The goal for the day was at least a little over a 10K. Next, I moved to a three lap set which put me over five miles, but I don't remember exactly how far. I drank a small bottle of Gatorade and took a Gu.

Then I waded in for set number three. Two laps would give me my longest swim of the year. I did two and pulled my watch out before getting out of the pond. I was at 6.93 miles so I swam across the pond and back to finish with 7.08. That is the earliest in the year I have ever swum seven miles so I feel pretty good about the day. Before I left, Barry Brewer sent a text that the T-shirts were ready. Yeeha.

Thanks be to God for a good day at the pond and hope for the swim.