Friday, April 7, 2017

Troubled Waters

Pee Wee, Bear, and I went to the pond Wednesday afternoon. The wind was allegedly blowing 24 miles per hour. I say "allegedly" because I have been out there before when it was supposed to be blowing that hard and it was nothing like it was this week. When I drove up to D 10 and looked at the raging water, I thought that looks crazy. But then again, I like crazy so I might fit right in.

I did sit in the truck a long time and tried to get my courage up. Finally, I waded in and stood there for minutes while the dogs barked at me. Why do they do that? The wind was blowing straight out of the west and the pond runs long way east and west. I get in on the east side and swim west, so I was looking straight into one foot waves.

When I started swimming, it was like riding a bicycle into a strong wind only worse. Breathing was difficult because of the waves. I had to lift my head higher and wait a split second to see if I was clear or not. Sometimes a wave would cover me up. 

It seemed to take forever to make it to the west end where I did get some shelter. The water there was basically flat, a light chop, but flat. I doubled that end to enjoy some normal water then headed east down the long northern levee. At first the push I got from the wind and water moving with me was exhilarating. I felt like I was smoking with speed. But about a third of the way down, the chop turned back into waves and then it was truly tough again. The waves lifted me up and down and threatened my breathing. At one point, I thought this is dangerous. You could easily drown in conditions like that. There were times when I rolled to breath and my head stayed under water because a wave covered it. 

When I made it to the east end and turned sideways to the wind, it was a whole new set of challenges. I had to fight to keep from getting driven to the bank and slammed on shore. My mind was going back and forth between this is crappy and this is neat. I sort of liked it while I sort of hated it.

I did one more lap, once again doubling the west end. By the time I got back to the east end, my shoulders were exhausted. In those conditions, every stroke is different. The hands are constantly readjusting, trying to return the body to the correct position.

I arrived at work on the Moorhead campus Thursday morning only to open the back door of my truck and find no computer there. What?!?!?!?!? That means I could not blog while my students were revising their papers. I have become almost addicted to writing and my job allows me to do a lot of it. It was a long tough day that ended with me at the DSU pool where I had hopes of busting out big yards, but alas it was not to be. My right shoulder started hurting a little and I thought it better to tap out and cause any real problems. Before I climbed out, I swam

800 warm up
16 X 50 
100 easy

It was one the fast 50s that I started having trouble. The next set was 3 X 150. I would have loved to have done that, but better sorry than safe. Now I lie here and peck at the keyboard and ponder what to do. Normally, Friday is my big training day, but I am thinking of taking off. The cats miss me, and I have lots of studying to do.

Praise God for all the meters I got and the opportunity to hang out with the cats and prepare to preach.