Monday, April 10, 2017

4/3 - 4/16

I had a truncated training week due to a shoulder flair up that hit Thursday night while at DSU. I'm not too upset, but I need smooth sailing from here to the Challenge, which, as it does every year, is flying towards us at what seems the speed of light. Monday I had my lazy day at the pond where I swam only 2.05 miles. I had time but not the fire inside to do more. But I did something, the dogs had fun, and on the drive home I spotted two bald eagles.

Tuesday I went to DSU and busted out 6,000 meters. Wednesday I went back to the pond with the dogs and faced the toughest swimming conditions of my life. I wonder if that set me up for what happened Thursday. In the waves I swam, my shoulders became as tired as they ever have although I only swam 2.2 miles.

Thursday I went to DSU and swam

16 X 50 It was on the fast 50s that I started having difficulties.
100 easy I tapped out.
Total: 1,900 meters.

I took the rest of the week off and only totaled 14,831 meters. I pray that is enough and that I can resume heavy training this week. After last week, I was 96,314 meters ahead of 2016. Unfortunately, I gave some of those meters back last week. Be that as it may, God is still good, we had a nice day at church, and I have hope for the future. Bless His holy name.