Tuesday, April 4, 2017

Monday Pond

The dogs and I went to the pond. We had a good time. On the way, I saw David Rutherford, my pond guide and friend, so I stopped and we chatted a bit. He took me to Tackett's second hatchery and showed me around some. This is a huge building behind their offices where they grow fish. He told me that they hatched 46 million fish out of there last year and he thought they could do 60 million this year. Thank God for the fish business because it provides me good places to swim and run the dogs and good food to nourish myself and my wife.

The wind was crazy again when Pee Wee, Bear, and I arrived at the pond. D 10 looked wild, like a small sea during a strong storm. Why does that impact me emotionally in a negative way? I dragged and dragged. I stretched, slowly changed clothes, booted my watch, listened to the radio. Finally I duct-taped my nose and waded into the water. Once standing in the pond, I stood there a long time and tried to get my courage up. Bear and Pee Wee looked and barked and whined. Why do they do that? What do they think? Bear will actually swim with me a little bit sometimes. Is he trying to save me or does he just want to be with me? I wish I knew. 

The wind was strong from the southwest so when I began swimming to the west, I was pounded in the head by four to six inch waves. One wave hit so hard that my ears started ringing. Slowly I stroked westward bobbing like a fishing cork on a bream bed.

I made my way around to the smoother side of the pond. Going east on the south side of the pond was like riding a bicycle with the wind to my back. I felt like I was flying, like the old days when I was swimming with Randy Beets and passing him. I didn't really want that rough chop anymore, so I turned around and headed back west on the more sheltered side. There was some resistance, but not a bunch. When I got to the west end, I did a lollipop loop around the pole that marks the drain and headed back east. I stayed on that side until my watched buzzed at what I knew was the wrong time. That meant it lost the satellite signal. I stopped and reset the watch. Seeing I was not too far from two miles, I headed for the truck.

I got out with 2.05 miles (3,298 meters). I thought I'd take a break, but as I sat in the truck and watched the water's waves, I became lazy and just didn't want to get back into the pond. A failure for sure. So I drove home with the hopes of knocking off some big distance later in the week.

Praise God who has provided play for an old boy who needs it. Thank you, Jesus.