Wednesday, April 19, 2017

Monday and Tuesday

I missed my Monday training swim. Next year, I will not be taking care of this kind of business this time of year. You'd think I'd know by now. This year I started plenty early, what should have been plenty early, but was held up waiting on people. If you will wait, you will wait. That's one thing life has taught me. I've been waiting on several electricians for over twenty years. I've been waiting for an apology for over thirty years from what was an inappropriately irate customer. The only way to beat waiting is to reduce as much as possible the number of people you have to wait on. 

The missed training swim had another reason besides taking care of business. The weather was threatening also. If Twin Rivers was in operation, I would still have been able to go there and swim a few thousand before the storm hit. But it is out of commission for all of spring and who knows for how much of summer. This time of year I am usually tearing the pool up and enjoying the close proximity of my training place to home. This time around, however, I have had to rely exclusively on the pond. I like the pond, love it even. Even when Twin Rivers is up and open to only real swimmers, I make at least one trip per week to the fish farm. Now I have to make the twenty-mile drive to the pond for every training session and as a result, Monday got knocked out for the second week in a row.

Today is up in the air. The MDCC Greenwood Center is holding its 5K today at 2:00. I need to participate even though I can't run. I can walk. The weather is threatening again, so I will almost surely forego the pond and make the trip to DSU where I will at least get to see the crew and do some speed work to boot. Wednesday, I am off from Mom's because Sis and I swapped one night this week. Thus I plan to hit the pond for what I hope is a big swim with the dogs. Weather permitting. The forecast doesn't look inviting. Scratch that. I just checked and the weatherman is prediction sun and sun and more sun for Wednesday. Yeeha.

Fast forward. I did the 5K even though I was reduced to walking. That was a bit embarrassing to me but I did it anyway. We loaded up and were bused to the linear park in front of Crystal Grill. I was surprised at how nice the park is. I made the walk at a 14:35 pace and it gave me a real workout. I suppose I need to start walking regularly.

Since the 5K knocked a hole in the afternoon, I commuted to DSU for my first swim there in a couple weeks. I swam

800 warm up
4 X 200 with medium paddles r:30
8 X 100 with medium paddles @ 2:30, descend one to four
4 X 200 swim, descend one to four
 1 - 3:43
 2 - 3:38
 3 - 3:23
 4 - 3:12 This one had me breathing really hard.
1,200 easy
total: 4,400 meters.

I had almost an hour left on the clock, and it is crunch time for training. However, I got out and went home. I'm glad I did because the wife and I had some business to attend. Praise be to God who directs the affairs of men.