Saturday, April 1, 2017

Friday Pond Trip

I started to title this "Day at the Pond" but I'm not spending full days there yet. Friday was a half day at the pond. Next week, I hope to stay a little longer. The dogs and I got there around 12:00 pm, and I began my routine of setting out my thermometer, stretching, and taping my nose. I began to stroke at about 12:30.

The water was 72 degrees where my thermometer was, but it was much cooler on the west end. Surprisingly, the water was stratified. I could feel much colder water when my hands dig deep to pull me along. A couple of weeks ago and I couldn't feel any coldness under the surface. Funny how the ponds change, up and down in terms of temp. Just Wednesday the water was at least 75. Friday I could even feel that the water was cooler on my nose and lips than on the exposed skin closer to the surface. I was surprised that the ponds lost that much warmth with only one rain and one cloudy day. But that's OK with me because it was still warm enough to stay in as long as I wanted and pretty soon the water will start getting uncomfortably hot. Right now they are perfect, but perfections doesn't last long in Mississippi.

I went with the purpose to swim easy but try to out distance Monday's swim by just a little. I took it by laps and swam three, three, and one consuming only two gels and ten ounces of Gatorade. I felt good and got what I wanted. I could have swum more, but I am ahead of last year, and I don't want to peak too early.

After the swim, I did a set of dumbbell curls, 50 X 10, and a squat set of 10 X 30. The dogs and I then took a walk and I tried to shuffle a little. I went .11 on the jog and the knee didn't like it. I am losing hope that I will ever run again.

Besides the weights, I swam 5.19 miles (8,350 meters) which brought my week's total to 30,352 meters., my highest of the year. If experience is any guide, 30,000 is where I start building Chicot endurance.

Praise God for good health, a good pond, and good dogs.