Friday, April 14, 2017

Thursday Swim

I made the choice to go back to town after work, Thursday, so I could pick up Pee Wee and take him with me to the pond. I missed the dogs when I swam without them Tuesday. Bear is grounded until he more fully recovers. Yesterday, he was moving a little better. He came out when I lifted weights and we hung out. 

At the pond, I was feeling the effects of the week, of four days teaching, of running errands, of lifting weights twice in three days, of swimming 5.36 miles Tuesday. My muscles were tight and my mind was tired. But I did have a good time once more enjoying the beauty of the birds, the deliciousness of the sense of space, the solace of the solitude. The water had risen to 76 degrees, and I wore no suit other than my jammer. The temps were cool and refreshing. 

I swam one lap and stopped long enough to stretch some. After my second lap I got out and rested in the truck. I didn't even take nutrition, I just sat there. I had time to get a pretty substantial swim in, but I let time flitter away. I didn't even beat myself up over it, though. After many years, I am finally listening to my body and it was saying, "Not so hard, not so far today." With only a little over four laps, I tapped out giving me 3.25 miles.  

I climbed out of the pond to a missed call from an old friend, James. I called him back fearing some bad news. He has a terminal illness and needs a lung transplant to survive more than five years. Please pray for James. "These signs shall follow them that believe . . . ."