Thursday, April 20, 2017


The dogs and I went to the pond. Untypically, I had plenty of time and told Penny I would be in late, that I was swimming as long as I could. I got in around 3:00 p.m. and swam three straight laps. My shoulders and muscles felt good. I was hoping for around six miles, and I could tell that my body was ready for it. I got out to check my phone, and sat in the truck to drink some Gatorade. Then it hit.

That sinking spell.
Pee Wee running the edge of a pond.
He always has a big time.

I suppose it's just fatigue, but as I sat in the truck, I slowly realized I was not going to get back in. We are now in prime time for training, but I just could not make myself wade once more into the water.

Go figure.

I am not panicking. It happened a lot last year. But I thought this time around would be different. After my running breakdown in November, my thinking was I would have more time, and more energy when that 25 - 30 miles per week of running were no longer draining down my vigor. 


I have had a little more time and a touch more energy. But it hasn't been the bonanza I was expecting. It can't be my age, so what is going on? One thing is for sure. The dogs are having a blast and that always makes me happy. 

Right now, I am praying about and thinking about this afternoon. Should I go to DSU? How about heading to the pond after work without the dogs. Or maybe I should go home, get the hounds, and head for the fish farm. I am even contemplating going home and getting in bed, maybe some weights first. I could use some study time, and the rest would help set me up for Friday. I do need a big day, well over six miles. But then there is the weather. What to do?
Training partner, Pee Wee.