Friday, March 31, 2017

Mixing and Matching

I went back to DSU Thursday night. I really get good training there so it's temping to keep going. The contrast between what I do at DSU and what I do at the fish farm is one my swimming muscles like. Between pool, pond, and pushing the weights, I mix and match a lot of enegy systems and muscle fibers. But the ponds are right and going to them saves me fifty miles of driving per trip, a monthly payment, and gives me more time to swim and more time at home. Tough call. Last night we swam

800 warm up
Then the Mad Swimming Scientist gave us our choice of 8 X 200 or 10 X 200. Tabby and I went for the longer set. Rest was :20 - :30 with 2:00 between sets of four. It went like this:

1 - first 50 fast 3:39
2 - first 100 fast 3:37
3 - first 150 fast 3:27
4 - all fast 3:19
2:00 rest
1 - first 50 fast 3:38
2 - first 100 fast 3:33
3 - first 150 fast 3:28
4 - all fast 3:20
2:00 rest
1 - first and third 50 fast 3:36
2 - all fast 3:16
End of Masters. Then I swam

200 with medium paddles
1,200 23:22
300 medium paddles
total: 4,500 meters.

I had time on the clock, but I scored a big day Monday and plan to go to the pond today, Friday, so I tapped out. Three guesses as to what I'm doing right now. Yeah, the coffee is good and the cats are sweet, and God is gracious. Have a great day in the Lord.