Monday, March 6, 2017

2/27 - 3/5

Monday I was overcome with lazy and didn't make it to the pond. I did, however, show up at Plate City Gym for some bench presses

23 X 65
16 X 95
14 X 115
12 X 125
10 X 130, 

and on the swim pool I did

20 X 20
17 X 26
16 X 28.5
16 X 30
15 X 31.5
10 X 33.

All in all, it was better than a poke in the eye.

Tuesday I went to DSU and we did 

2 X 400
50 easy
4 X 200
100 easy
8 X 100 
100 easy
end of Masters. The I swam
3,250 straight in 57:38 @ 1:46
total: 6,800 yards = 6,215 meters.

Wednesday I took my wife's dogs (minus Jeff) to the pond. The water temp was 66 and I swam 1.64 miles which equals 2,638 meters.

Thursday I was back at DSU for

3 X 800 1st paddles and pull; 2nd pull; 3rd swim (11:55)
200 easy end of Masters. Then I swam
3,500 straight in 1:02:25
total: 7,000 yards = 6,398 meters.

Friday I spent the day waiting for little Corey to get here. He made it at 3:38 pm, and he really is a pretty boy. I could not have been happier, and it was such a joy to see my good friend get suddenly old just like I did a few years ago. It changed everything for me when I became a grandfather, and I am sure it will for Gerald and Debbie. That night we had dinner with the Webbs at Lusco's. The food and company were good, and I lost weight when I paid the bill. But it was worth it because Penny was really happy and that always makes me happy.

Saturday I slept in, studied for preaching Sunday, and did some weightlifting at Plate City. On the bench, I pushed 

24 X 65
16 X 95
12 X 115
12 X 125
6 X 135
6 X 135

On the Swim Pull, I pulled and pushed

25 X 20
20 X 26
16 X 28.5
16 X 31
12 X 32.5
10 X 32.5

I did a bunch of other stuff too, and I was sore Sunday which means I got a good workout. Speaking of Sunday, Bro. Gary let me preach, and Bonnie Borkowski came. She played the piano and it made me weep. I didn't expect that, but it was sort of like hearing an old song for the first time in years and being transported back in time into an emotional state from the past.

For the week, I 

swam 15,251 meters,
lifted weights two times, and 
walked 5.28 miles.

I'm still not running although my knee has improved so that I was thinking I would start soon. However, Thursday I unexpectedly started limping. !?!?!?!?
Maybe this week. I need some lifting. I can tell when I push the swim pace that I don't have the wind I had last year. But all in all, it was a good week of training, and little Corey is here. He is still in the hospital due to being a little premature and one lung not fully developed. If you pray, please lift him and his family up. Praise God.