Saturday, March 18, 2017

SB Day Five

You might not believe this, but I was not sad when Ronnie Mayers told me Thursday that the pool would not open Friday. Life is more than swimming. I love to swim, I love to train, and I need to bust it for Chicot. But the pace I've been keeping lately is a little tough. By the time I drive to Cleveland (about an hour), swim for two hours, and drive home, that is four hours of my day gone.  Put that in the middle of the day and there is only a little left on both ends. Not too mention a trip to Greenville here and there. I also like to do other things. I also need to do other things.

Not being able to swim Friday means my goal for 31,000 meters will go unmet. But I shot high and hit high just not quite as high as I had hoped. I will make up the lack of swimming with more weightlifting. Right now, I am slow-starting my day, hanging out with the cats, blogging, and drinking coffee. Nice. I have a list. It is one I made not my wife. I will do some of the things on the list, and I will record them in the next paragraph. But first I need more cowbell and more coffee.

Back in real time on Saturday morning, I am once more slow-starting my day. Yesterday, I ran errands, did some work on Plate City Gym, and worked out for my third weight session of the week. It was nice not to make that drive to DSU and to slow down for a day. At the gym, I worked biceps and shoulders with some work on the Swim Pull Machine. On the Swim Pull, I did

45 X 20 plus one washer (washer weights .155 of a pound)
32 X 26 plus two washers
26 X 28.5 plus three washers
10 X 28.5 plus three washers

It was a nice day and the dogs loved me being out there. With the cold, its been over a week since they got to go to the pond. We go back soon I hope. Penny and I had a nice evening out and I slept well. Now, where are those cats?

Praise be to God.