Wednesday, March 15, 2017

SB Day Two

I ate my cereal Tuesday morning in the semi-darkness of my daughter's old bedroom trying not to disturb my long sufferingwife. A little after 4:00 am I slipped out the front door into the unseasonably cold spring air, loaded my stuff into the cab of my truck, and headed west towards Greenville.

Before leaving town, I stopped at McDonald's and purchased a large coffee which I drank slowly as I motored towards the port city and an appointment with Justin Nunnery. We met at Extreme Fitness and went through about an acre of weight machines and a series of doors to get to the 25-yard pool in the back. The water was warm, probably 87. I don't mind that. Really, I don't. I swam

20 X 50 @ 1:30
total: 2,650 yards.

I had time to swim a little more, but my shoulders felt a little funny so I tapped out.

I left the gym and drove over the river and into Arkansas. You don't even get off the bridge before you see my beloved. She is always there looking long, lovely, alluring. I remembered our intimate hours, our days we spent embracing each other.

Besides thinking of my beloved, during the drive I noticed how fatigued my muscles were. I swam 5,941 Monday, lifted weights, and ate mostly protein that night. Herein is the problem of trying to lose weight and train hard. Sometimes you bonk. I had two protein shakes with me and had consumed one, but I decided to try out a little cafe on the shores of my beloved. If I were to swim again today-- and I planned to-- I needed some fuel.

LJ's is a typical dumpy place you find scattered across the South. The waitress looked stereotypical and the patrons were good ole' boys in hunting caps, drinking coffee and solving the country's problems. I took a booth against the wall, alone, and listened. 

I asked the waitress if they took a debit card.


I nervously felt my pockets. "I have ten dollars in cash," I said in a pleading voice.

"You're alright," she answered.

I relaxed and placed my order. Two eggs over medium, grits, sausage, toast, and coffee. It came and I ate.

Leaving LJ's, I drove to the Lake Chicot State Park where I hoped to meet up with the Park Supervisor, Ocee Hunter. He was in and he saw me right away. We had a productive chat, and he seemed genuinely excited to have the swim based at the park. I told him that whomever I talked to on the phone to reserve the boat, said he might donate it since the swim is a fundraiser for a charity. He responded that I needed to submit a letter requesting that and he would pass it up the chain. He did tell me that we could probably get the boat early, keep it late, and come in after dark. That is big news and good news.

When I left the park, I headed first for Mississippi and then for Skene where I have two grandchildren. I had time only for a short nap and a quick hug before I was off to DSU and swim number two. I got there and thought they weren't going to open. Then at exactly 11:30, Ronnie drove up. Inside and in the pool, I swam a straight 6,350 yards in 1:54:24. That gave me 9,000 yards for the day which comes out to 8,226 meters. Now for the two days I have 14,167 meters. That puts me on pace to make my goal of beating last year's Spring Break total of 30,062 meters. Praise be to God's holy name.