Tuesday, March 28, 2017

Pushing It Up

Bear, Pee Wee, and I went to the pond Monday just as fast as I could get us there after work. I didn't set my thermometer out, but I guessed the water temp to be 70. The wind was blowing like crazy, probably 25 mph or more, creating a terribly choppy surface. So what.

I have swum a lot of chop this year. I can tell the difference in terms of fatigue, compared to swimming flat water, but I think I am getting used to it a little. I no longer avoid it by staying below the levee where the wind is coming over giving a few feet of shelter. In the past, I did that. I think I should be prepared for whatever conditions I we may encounter, but I am praying for flat water on Chicot Challenge day. I did notice yesterday while swimming up the choppy side of the levee that I splay my fingers much wider in the rough water. Maybe that will help save the shoulders. I hope.

The dogs had a good time and so did I. I got in 5.03 miles (8,093) before I tapped out and headed home. Last year I could not do that on a Monday because I had a night class. This year has really been favorable to training in more ways than one. The lack of a night class is one help. The warmer spring is another. 

After I swam, I did a set of 35 X 10 pounds of curls. Really I don't know why I haven't been doing this because those dumbbells have been rattling around in the bed of my truck for a couple of years. The curls felt good and I left the pond feeling like I had a good workout, one that advances my fitness. I plan on a couple of days at the pool this week so I can get in some sprinting and breathing patterns. I love breathing patterns. NOT! By Friday, I hope to bust out another longish swim, Lord willing.

When we left the pond, I let the dogs run as I usually do. That string of ponds has a lot of drained or very low ones. I don't know why. Neither do I know why there are tons of birds where the water is only inches deep. Pee Wee runs off the road anyway, but Monday he took to running out in the bottoms of the drying up ponds. It was such a joy to see him chasing birds and having the time of his life. Watching him run gives me real joy. When I let them back inside the truck where the blacktop starts, he has taken to riding home with his head in my lap. I love it.

Praise God from whom all blessings flow.