Wednesday, March 22, 2017

Prayer for Birds

I feel like my heart is not good. I went to work then turned around to go home and pick up a book I forgot. Climbing out of the truck, I noticed a small bird feather in the short spring grass. Unthinkingly, I prayed, "Lord, take care of the birds today," and with that little sentiment I realized I had never before prayed for the birds. How could I have been so blind so unfeeling so unconcerned for so long?

I do notice birds. My mom is a fool for them. When she still had some health, she took pictures of birds and flowers constantly. In January of 2012 when she was in the hospital in grave condition, she noticed every bird that flew past her window. She would ask me what kind of bird was that. "What bird?" was my usual reaction because I never noticed most of them.

She keeps birds, cockatoos and a parrot. She has for years. In fact, she was in the hospital when Dad died feeding her birds. Even now, she has several. 

At the fish farm, I am amazed at the beauty the birds provide. I wish I knew more of their names. I see mallards, Canada Geese, Cormorants,
egrets, blackbirds, and many other types of ducks. They are stunning in their grace as they fly off the ponds sometimes chased by little Pee Wee. Bear pays them no mind.

I have thanked God for their music. God blesses us with free and soothing melodies almost anytime we step outdoors. But why have I never prayed for their protection? Jesus said of sparrows that they do not, "fall to the ground without your Father" (Matthew 10:29). God pays attention. So should we. We pray for people, why not birds? God forgive the hardness of my heart. Help me notice and pray for all of your creation. Amen.