Monday, March 13, 2017

3/6 - 3/12

It was a pretty good training week, and compared to the same time last year, it was a super one. Monday I took the dogs to the pond. The water was 63 F and i tapped out at 2.46 miles due to some chaffing on the back of my neck. 

Tuesday was 7,000 yards at DSU and Wednesday I stayed dry to get in a session at Plate City.

Thursday i was at DSU with a smile because the weekend and the week off had started for me already. I got 7,500 which may be my Masters night record. To verify that I would have to shift through a few years of blog posts and I don't have the will or time so I will just claim it. By the way, if you want the details, last week I posted on each swim and weight session except Saturday's which I will include here.

Friday was more DSU for 5,000 yards and a good practice that had both volume and quality.

Saturday, Penny and I went to Jackson for little Corey. Before we left I blasted myself at Plate City. On the bench I pushed

25 X 70
16 X 100
11 X 120
10 X 125

On the swim pull, I did

35 X 21.5
21 X 26
18 X 28.5
16 X 31
10 X 33.5
8 X 35
8 X 35

I did a bunch of other stuff too, but I am too lazy to type all of that in here.

For the week, I swam 21,872 meters, my second 20,000 meter week of the season. I am ahead of last year's swimming totals. Good. I need to be. Last year I had an extra week of training, and this year the swim is longer. So I need every stroke I can get.

God is good. Praise His holy name.