Thursday, March 9, 2017

Wednesday Weights

I hit it big at Plate City Wednesday. I don't do workouts because of alliteration. Really, I think it is silly to read about Track Tuesday for runners or Two hundred Tuesday for swimmers. There should be a better reason for doing something than because it alliterates. But at this stage in my Chicot training, I am still trying to lift at least twice per week. Last week I lifted Monday and Saturday. I swam Wednesday at the pond because the conditions were good. This week, the conditions for the pond were good on Monday so I swam. Actually, they were good Wednesday also, but I am still at the stage of dropping a swim to lift. By April that will not be the case, but I will forego lifting to swim ten times out of nine.

Also I was pretty jacked because Donny from Leflore Steel texted that my attachment was ready. Actually, I went to pick it up Tuesday, but they had failed to drill it where it will attach to my posts. Wednesday I went back but the bars were too big and the weights would not slide on. He said they can fix that so I hope to get it today. Consequently, I am going home after classes and then to DSU later. Usually, I leave Moorhead and drive north. 

Back to the gym. On the bench I did

20 X 65
15 X 95
10 X 120
8 X 130
6 X 140
6 X 140

On the swim pull, that move that builds sports specific strength, I pulled

30 X 20
21 X 26
17 X 28.5
16 X 31
8 X 33.5
8 X 33.5
8 X 33.5

I did a bunch of other stuff also, a lot of shoulder work and some pulling to balance the antagonistic muscles and some biceps stuff. Right now I am as giddy as a kid on Christmas Eve waiting on the last few hours to tick off for the break to begin and for me to get my attachment. Plate City is over the top. Pictures and videos to come.

Praise God for the break and for good reports on little Corey.