Tuesday, March 7, 2017


The dogs and I went to the pond Monday. I had some trepidation about the water temp. It was 66 when I swam last Wednesday, but we had had a string of nights with the lows in the 30s although most afternoons had hit at least the low 60s. Bear and Pee Wee had a great time as they always do, We arrived at the home pond, and I set the thermometer to soaking. The water temp was 63.

I has hoping for a longish swim, and I think I could have gotten it despite the fact that the water was cooler, but I began to get some chafing on the back of my neck. Odd, because for the first time this year, I used BodyGlide. I tapped out after three laps because I could feel the soreness on my neck and I didn't want it to get too bad and prevent me from swimming later in the week. Three laps gave me 2.46 miles which equals 3,958 meters. I stroked for 1:16 and averaged 31:06 per mile. The water was very choppy on the north side and I could really feel it in my shoulders.

While I was there, Donny of Leflore Steel texted me and told me my machine was ready. Yeehaa!!. Plate City just keeps getting more gooder and more gooder. I really think I have the best backyard gym in the town, county, and probably the state, and I am not out of ideas yet.

Today I packed to go to the pond and to DSU. My thoughts were to swim the pond in my shorty for a lap or two then do to the kids and clean up and make Masters for a huge day of swimming. Now I am not sure what I will do. I may go back to town so I can pick up my new weightlifting apparatus. I won't have time to install it, but it will feel good to have it home. I can still get in a big swim day because even with my renewed efforts, I have been leaving some time on the clock- twenty minutes to be exact. I'll let you know what I do. In the meantime, praise the Lord and pray for little Corey.
Pee Wee was pooped out when
we rode back to town.