Wednesday, March 22, 2017

D 10

It's the name of a pond. D10 is. David Rutherford suggested this one to me a while back, and I mistakenly swam D 9. But it, the real D 10 and all the other D ponds, were low so I went back to Lee Watts 30 which is a really big pond and I like it over there. But it is now full of fish, and I knew my days there were limited.

Tuesday I contemplated doing a double dip, a swim in the pond and then a trip the DSU. Since I have access to Noble's, I left the Moorhead campus and drove over there. But the whole row of ponds where I swam in the past was very low or totally drained. So I headed for Tackett's.

D 10 is not far from 49 West so I went there to take a look. The pond was still low, but the pump was running so it is coming up. Also, I remembered David told me that this one is unstocked and recently rebuilt. That's always a plus because you can't get finned and the water and levees are a lot cleaner. I had left my full wetsuit at home. I had my rash guard and my shorty and I resolved that if I could stay in for four miles, I would skip DSU and go home.

The rash guard and shorty were just perfect with the 72 degree water. That was near the pump. It was a little warmer farther from where the cold ground water was coming in. On the west end, the cool end, the water was maybe 70 or 69 at the coldest. Perfecto.

This one, D 10, is a little smaller than Lee Watts 30 but is still pretty large. I averaged .718 per lap (a little over .8 at Lee Watts). I swam six laps for 4.34 miles (6,983 meters) in 2:19:18 at 32:07 per mile. It was a glorious swim.

Thank you, Jesus.