Monday, March 20, 2017

3/13 - 3/19

Although I fell short of my 31,000 meter goal, I had a really good Chicot training week. Monday, I swam 5,941 meters at DSU and lifted weights at Plate City.

Tuesday, I did a double by meeting Justin at Extreme Fitness for 2,650 yards and then going to DSU for 6,350 totaling 9,000 yards or 8,226 meters.

Wednesday, I swam double again for 3,000 and 5,500 giving me 8,500 yards or 7,769 meters.

Thursday was a simple 5,300 yards at DSU and then a Plate City lifting session.

Friday, DSU didn't open so I did a huge session at the gym. Saturday, I once again lifted weights focusing on back and legs. I love the new attachment

For the week, I 

swam 26,780 meters,
lifted weights four times, and 
walked 3.64 miles.

Overall, that's a pretty good week. If I can follow it up with another one, I should start coming around. I plan on going to the pond today, and I just called David Rutherford to find out what the water is running. He said 61 right now. That should be 64 or 65 by 3:00. I'll take the dogs and see what I can get.

Praise God.