Wednesday, March 29, 2017

Tepid Tuesday

Tuesday wasn't a big training day, but I got what I wanted. After a large Monday, I felt no pressure to do big yards again, and since I had a meeting after school on the Moorhead campus (I wrote thirteen haikus) I went to DSU instead of the pond. 

So I left the school after writing my haiku and went to see our grandchildren. Of course after some nice visitation, it was off the DSU. I have to hand it to the Mad Swimming Scientist. He dialed up a good one. I think Tabby, and I know Mark, weren't too thrilled with it, but it was the kind of swimming I most like doing in a pool. It went like this:

1,000 warm up
800 medium paddles, build by 25s, 4th 25 of each 100 fast (12:50)
100 easy
800 pull, same as above (13:13)
100 easy
800 swim, same as above (14:05)
100 easy
400 cool down
total: 4,100

I climbed out of the pool with over an hour left on the clock, but I got a good workout, ran the heart rate up, burned some lactic acid, and hit the endurance button. If this were late April or early May, I would have stayed the whole time, but I am swimming well, my shoulders felt great, and I thought a little moderation might be in order.

Now my dilemma is what to do today. I have been lifting on Wednesdays, but I am tempted to hit the pond. It's the weights that make my shoulders feel gimpy so I am leaning towards a swim. I stay with Mom on Wednesday nights, so I don't have time for a real big one, but I don't need a real big one. Maybe I can do that Friday.

Jesus is good. Jesus saves.