Thursday, March 16, 2017

SB Day Three

I did it again. We did it again. Justin and I met at Extreme Fitness Wednesday morning at 5:30 for another swim. This time I swam

150 as 3 X 50 experimenting with Justin’s paddles.
200 Redneck IM
Justin and I at the end of our swim.
21 X 50 @ 1:12
Total: 3,000 yards.

Before leaving, I asked Justin if there was an old-fashioned cafe around. He told me about Jim’s downtown so I went to Washington Street and found it. Three eggs, grits, toast, sausage, and three cups of coffee later I had another favorite spot.

I had not planned on eating breakfast just like I had not planned it Tuesday. But Tuesday's experience at JL's had me in the mood for a cafe breakfast. Jim's is an old narrow building with the dark, dark paneling that has been out of style for thirty years. On the wall were a couple of fish mounts, large mouth bass, and pictures by the dozen one of which was of a man fishing from the deck of a bass boat. I'm sure Jim's has fed a lot of fishermen with Lake Ferguson scarcely a half mile away.

I left Greenville for Skene and once again had a good nap and a hug from the grandchildren before heading to DSU. Ronnie opened up a little early and he told me, “I was watching you swim yesterday. I noticed your hands and elbows. You have a good catch and stroke, unlike a lot of people who come here.”

Tabby Cat and I before our swim

It means something when a real swimmer tells you that. A couple of months back, one of the DSU dive team members told me about the same thing.

Tabatha, my fellow DAM swimmer, showed up. We mostly did our own thing but we swam one set together. In short, I totaled 5,500 yards giving me a 8,500 for the day which equals 7,769 meters. That brings me to 21,936 for the week. I’m on pace to meet my goal.

Praise be to God.