Monday, March 13, 2017

Spring Break Plans

I have big plans for Spring Break. What else is new. Mostly they revolve around swimming. In short, I hope to swim as much as possible. Last year, I managed to get 30,062 meters, all in the pool. This year all the swimming will most likely also be in the pool since the temps are headed down to winter-like conditions.

I am facing some challenges this year that I did not face last year. One challenge is we are not having Masters practice Thursday night. I don't know why but Cagri told us no practice this Thursday. Another challenge is Ronnie said he might be gone Tuesday. In order to make up for those losses and try to ensure a full week, I even schemed on a couple of trips to Greenville to swim with Justin Nunnery a time or two. That will involve rising early and driving long. I had originally hoped to get a triple dip on Tuesday and Thursday but it look now like that won't happen. Further complicating matters is the fact that when we do have Masters, since it is Spring Break week, there will be no lifeguards so I will have to leave after practice. This will keep my Masters swim down to around 2,000 meters. Cagri can't stay away from home very long.

My goals are to swim 31,000 and lift weights two times. In addition to that, I need to do some sort of cardio outside of swimming. Either I can start back running or do a trainer ride or two or three on my bicycle. Furthermore, I need to do some work on Plate City. I have some nice recent additions I need to shoot a video on, and I have plans for more improvements. 

Other plans include logistical work for the Chicot Challenge. I need to go talk to the manager of the Lake Chicot State Park. The lady I talked with on the phone while I was securing the pontoon twice told me that he (the park manager) would probably donate the boat since this is a charity swim. That would be huge if that comes to pass. I hope to swim with Justin Tuesday morning, then ride over to Lake Village and talk to the park people. After that, I will motor to Cleveland and hope the pool is open at noon. If it is, I will be on track for a three dip day and some really big yardage.

Another thing, I need to get with Barry Brewer and work out a T-shirt design. Penny had some ideas I will modify a little. Besides all that, I need to order that Spot Tracker. I have no idea why I have put that off so long. I blame it on being busy, but I am always busy. 

The butterflies are starting to form. Praise be to God.