Thursday, March 23, 2017

800th Post

EndangeredSwimmer will complete its fifth year in July. It has now become long enough that even though the blog provides a permanent record of my training, I usually look back at my hard copies when I want to see where I was a year ago. I do that a lot, compare this year with last year. Thus far, this year is looking really good on the training front.

On the writing front, things are looking even more prolific. I don't try to see how many times I can post although it may seem that way of late. I have been writing a lot because I have been having something to say and because I like to hear myself write. Some people like to hear themselves talk. Not me. But I do love to hear myself write.

I feel like I must. It is part of my job. If I am going to teach writing (and that is how I make my living) then I should practice it and model composition for my students. Plus, I have been enjoying writing on a whole new level lately. Many mornings I begin my Composition classes with some in-class writing. Sometimes I sit down to the computer with no plan but once I begin to peck at the keyboard, things just happen, thoughts comes, stories form, something is born. That is one thing I like about the process so much. Once the juices start flowing, you never know where the piece will end up. 

After 2015's 190 post, I speculated that my blog, like so many I have followed and carefully observed, would begin to retreat. Look for yourself: usually bloggers peak in their third year of writing and then, if they keep writing, they do so less and less each following year. To my own surprise, I posted not less but more in 216 with 2016 entries. That, I thought, was certainly my apex of productivity. Although 2017 is still a young year and could end in several scenarios, I am outpacing 2016 by a wide margin in terms of post numbers. Not only that, but I compose now much quicker than I did in 2012 which makes it much more possible for me to get my thoughts, feelings, records, and plans in black and white type. This 800th post makes my 41st of the month. I can't seem to stop or even slow down.

I am guessing that I will always blog as long as I have cats to love, ponds to swim, and adventures to plan for, experience, and share. So there. I hope you enjoy it. If not, just go to Facebook and look at pictures of our cats.

Bless God's Holy name.